Forum rules

  • First of all, when using the  IFRScommunity Forum, adhere to high standards of online behaviour. These are often referred to as the Netiquette – the do’s and don’ts of online communication.
  • Do your best to contribute as much as you ask, if not more. If you can add something you feel is valuable, please don’t be afraid to join other discussions.
  • The language of IFRScommunity Forum is English, but this is not an English literature forum. Your English skills don’t have to be perfect and you don’t need to apologise if they aren’t. Short and simple (but still understandable) sentences are fine. Posting in other languages is not allowed though.
  • No spam. Specifically, posts aimed primarily at promoting other websites, products or services are not allowed, unless direct consent is given by the forum admin. Do not post a reply to spam as it only fuels it. Please use the report button (exclamation mark next to a topic/post) if you feel that a post is spam.
  • Be patient. Not everyone knows everything and not everyone is online all the time. Do not ‘bump’ your questions just because there have been a day or two with no reply.
  • Don’t quote whole paragraphs of IFRS Standards. Just make a reference by writing e.g. IFRS 15.20, which means paragraph 20 of IFRS 15. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to quote something in your post, use the shortest passage possible.
  • Respect copyright law. Remember that all publications of IFRS Foundation are copyright material. IFRS Standards are incorporated into local law in many jurisdictions, but this does not include accompanying materials such as Basis for Conclusions, Implementation Guidance and Illustrative Examples. Those accompanying materials can be citied to illustrate a point under the ‘fair dealing’ rule, but attaching full text of IFRS Standards published by IFRS Foundation is not allowed.
  • Discussions on the IFRScommunity Forum will be a contributing factor to the Knowledge Base and possibly other content published by in the future. When you post something, you agree that the content of the post may be re-used by without any restrictions.
  • If you feel that a post/topic violates forum rules or is simply inappropriate, you can report it using the exclamation mark that is available next to every post. You can also contact the forum admin using the contact form at the bottom of the forum page.
  • IFRScommunity Forum has the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic that violates the rules above in the opinion of the administrator or moderator. Additionally, violation of forum rules may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned.
  • These Forum Rules will be updated as needed, so please come and check them once in a while. For major changes, an appropriate announcement will be given on the Forum.

See the quick start guide as well.