Privacy Policy is a personal project managed by Marek Muc.

Collection of personal data

When you register an account on the IFRS Community Forums, powered by phpBB software, you consent to storing your entered information in a database. A basic account includes a unique username, a personal password for login, and an email address, which is only visible to the administrator(s). You may choose to add more information to your profile after registration and control the visibility of your account information.

User conduct and data storage

By participating in the IFRS Community Forums, you agree to avoid posting content that is abusive, obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, sexually explicit, or in violation of any local or international laws. Failure to comply may result in immediate and permanent banning, potentially with notification to your Internet Service Provider. Your IP addresses is stored by the forum software to support enforcement of these rules.

Account preferences and data security

You have the choice to receive or opt-out of emails from administrators through phpBB software. You can delete your account anytime, which removes all personal information. However, your forum posts will not be deleted with your account. Your password is encrypted for security, but I recommend using unique passwords for different websites. No one affiliated with, phpBB, or any third party should ask for your password. Consider using an external password manager for secure storage of passwords. In case you forget your password, use the ‘I forgot my password’ feature for recovery.

Your personal data is not shared externally. However, is not liable for data breaches resulting from hacking attempts.


Cookies are small files that enhance your user experience and help me understand website usage. You can adjust your browser’s privacy and security settings to manage cookie preferences. Consult your browser’s support page for detailed instructions.

What cookies are used on

  • Google Analytics: This widely-used analytics tool helps understand site usage to improve your experience. It may track your time spent on the site and pages visited. If you prefer to opt out, Google provides a dedicated browser add-on.
  • phpBB software cookies: These cookies include a user identifier and an anonymous session identifier, automatically assigned by the phpBB software. A third cookie tracks the forum topics you have read, enhancing your user experience.