IFRS Forum quick start guide

IFRScommunity Forum is available here:


Before you start actively participating in our forum, you need to register. Just click the ‘register’ button in the top right corner. After registering, you will receive an activation link via e-mail that you provided. It may take a few minutes before it arrives. If you don’t receive it, please check your spam folder or other mail folders (e.g. promotions folder in gmail). If this doesn’t help, please write me via the ‘contact us’ button at the bottom of the forum page. Once you’ve registered, you can log in and start writing posts.

If you want to receive e-mail notifications whenever someone starts a new topic, you need to subscribe to a sub-forum that interests you. To do so, open a sub-forum and at the very bottom, below all the topics, you’ll find this button:

IFRScommunity Forum is divided into sub-forums. Before you start a new topic, you need to open a sub-forum where you will be posting. For example, if you’d like to start a new topic that is specifically IFRS-related, open relevant sub-forum with a click on its title:

Now you are able to click on the ‘new topic’ button:

When starting a new topic, please use a meaningful headline and try to make it as precise as possible. Don’t use generic titles like ‘I need help with IFRS 16’.  See also forum rules.

Editing your post

When writing a post, there are several editing options at hand:

We’ll cover some of them below in more detail.

Yes, you can include links in your posts 😉

There are two ways of inserting links into your post. You can paste the url into your post, select (highlight) it and click the link button. This will look like this:


after publishing your post, you’ll get a typical link:


If you want to get fancy, you can provide the same url, but with a different text to display. Here is a template for such links: [url=https://example.com]your text[/url]

For example, if you want the above link to display as ‘see the page on recognition of leases’, you need to structure your link as follows:

[url=https://ifrscommunity.com/knowledge-base/ifrs-16-recognition-and-measurement-of-leases/]see the page on recognition of leases[/url]

You’ll get:

see the page on recognition of leases

When referring to the Knowledge Base of IFRScommunity, use anchor links instead of copying. Anchor links appear in the address bar of your browser when you click on any paragraph in the table of contents. For example, the following link will take a reader directly to the IFRS 16 section on initial measurement of the right-of-use asset:

If you want to refer to a specific point someone made, just copy/paste a sentence into your post, select (highlight) it and click the quote button. You should get something like this:

[quote]this is quoted text[/quote]
I am now referring to the quoted text.

and when you publish your post, it will look like this:

See this topic to see how quotes work in practice.

But beware: don’t overuse the quote function! It is very inconvenient to read a topic where posts constantly quote other posts. Only use the quote function when replying to specific paragraphs or sentences and edit everything else out. If you are replying to a post that is not the newest one, just start your post with @username of the author.  The fewer quotes, the better.

Please read forum rules as well.